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This section is focused on Frequently Asked Questions divided by product groups. In case you have not found the information you were looking for feel free to contact your local distributor for support.


Intercom Systems

2N IP & LTE Intercoms

2N Analog Intercoms

2N® Indoor Touch

2N® Indoor Touch 2.0

2N® Indoor Talk

2N® Indoor Compact

2N® Indoor View

2N® IP Handset

Access Control

2N® Access Commander

2N Access Unit

2N Access Unit M

2N Mobile Key

Elevator Systems

2N® Elevator center

2N® EasyGate IP

2N® LiftGate

2N® Lift8

2N® Lift1

2N® LiftNet

2N® SingleTalk

2N® Lift IP


2N® Mobile Video

2N® Remote Configuration

IP Audio Systems

2N Net Audio Systems

2N SIP Audio Systems


2N® SmartCom PRO

from firmware version 1.13.x



2N® SmartCom, 2N® SmartCom PRO

 up to firmware version 1.12.x





2N® VoiceBlue MAX

2N® EasyGate

2N® SmartGate

Digital - ISDN BRI

2N® BRI Lite

2N® BRI Enterprise

Digital - ISDN PRI

2N® StarGate

2N® BlueStar

2N® BlueTower


2N® VoiceBlue Next

2N® VoiceBlue Lite

UMTS Gateways

2N® OfficeRoute


LTE Routers

2N® SpeedRoute

UMTS Routers

2N® EasyRoute



2N® NetStar

2N® NetStar SW

2N® Omega Lite

2N® Omega 48

SIM Management

2N® SIM Star - SIM server

Process of repair

2N Process of repair