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This section is focused on Frequently Asked Questions for 2N® BRI. The FAQ is divided into three separate groups to help you find the right information quickly. Configuration tips & tricks contains the standard settings guides and configuration hints for quick setup. How to connect section answers the basic settings questions for 2N® BRI and third party devices. Troubleshooting section is focused mainly on 2n product troubleshooting and issue report.

Configuration tips & tricks

How to connect with third party device


Technical training

Page: !Database/configuration backup - How to backup database and how to capture a trace on 2N® BRI Lite and 2N® BRI Enterprise? Page: !Factory reset - How to make a factory reset of 2N® BRI Lite/Enterprise Page: !Firmware Upgrade - How to make a firmware upgrade on 2N® BRI Lite and 2N® BRI Enterprise? Page: !How to provide all information to effectively resolve a technical issue on 2N® BRI Lite and 2N® BRI Enterprise? Page: !Static IP address - How to set up static IP address on 2N® BRI Lite/Enterprise Page: !Statická IP adresa - Jak nastavit statickou IP adresu na bráně 2N® BRI Lite/Enterprise? Page: Alcatel OXO - Interconnection with Alcatel OXO 7.7.1 Page: AutoCLIP routing - AutoCLIP routing is enabled but not working Page: Calling - A call is not disconnected immediately Page: Calling - Outgoing call through the GW is rejected Page: Can I use 2N BRI gateway with my PBX? Page: Configuration - How do I configure my 2N® BRI Lite or 2N® BRI Enterprise? Page: Do 2N BRI gateways support data transfers? Page: Factory reset - How to make a factory reset BRI EN Page: How can I send and receive SMS messages using 2N BRI gateway? Page: How many simultaneous calls may I do? Page: How to adjust the number of outgoing call? Page: Legacy tools - 2N BRI Gateways with COM or USB ports Page: Network Trace - How to get Wireshark network trace and network trace from 2N® BRI Lite / Enterprise? Page: Remote control - How to setup and use Remote Control over GSM? Page: Siemens Hipath 3000 - Interconnection with Siemens Hipath 3000 series Page: SIM card usage - How to use both SIM cards equally? Page: SMS at no answer - How to setup "SMS at no answer"? Page: Trace - How to get internal trace from 2N® BRI Lite / 2N® BRI Enterprise? Page: Virtual Ring Tone - How to upload Virtual Ring Tone Message without configuration tool?