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2N® Helios IP Mobile app is is no longer supported. We suggest to use our 2N® Mobile Video app.

*Video - My2N Cloud - 2N® Mobile Video - registration and setup


2N® IP Mobile application can be registered to any SIP proxy as a regular SIP client.

  1. Open settings of the application in two steps. Tap on "Settings" and once two options will appear tap on "Settings" again.


  2. Activate SIP Proxy by tap on "SIP Proxy->Allow" and set fill all the necessary informations to the fields which will appear after activation like Username/Password, Proxy, and Port.


  3. Now you can verify whether the app is registered with your Proxy or not. Tap on "No devices" and then on "+".


  4. Once you will be in the section for adding devices tap on "Proxy" check the Proxy status. There are three possible statuses of registration with Proxy. Please refer to the pictures below. If registration failed, please check the informations you filled in second step and status of your Proxy.

    Connection Failed

    Trying to connect


  5. Once you are sucessfuly registered with the SIP Proxy, calls could be easily placed via dial pad. You can open it by tapping on fold "Keypad"

  6. Optionaly you can add a phone numbers of some devices registered with the same Proxy (2N® IP Intercoms, IP phones) to make them available quicker.




    Now you can choose the name for the extension, fill its phone number and in case that device is 2N® IP Intercom, you can set DTMF codecs for switch activaton. After you will fill all the necessary info, tap on "Back" to finish.



    Now you will see the device, created in the previos step, between available devices. If you want to display it in the List of devices, then tap on the circle next to it. Circle will go blue.




    Now you will see the device in the List of devices and you will be able to place calls to this device by tap on it.




    2N® Helios IP Mobile bandwidth requirements

    Way of communicationCodecs | ProtocolsBandwidth
    2N® IP Intercom 2N® IP MobileH.264 unicast video, G.711/G.722 | SIP audio~2 Mbit/s per each 2N® IP Intercom
    2N® IP Mobile application 2N® IP IntercomG.711/G.722 | SIP audio~85 kbit/s per each 2N® Indoor Touch

    In order to perform correctly, all components are required to use appropriate connectivity with a sufficient bandwidth. For further details see please this FAQ: What LAN/Wi-Fi infrastructure do I need?


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