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Step by step guide for SIM sniffer tool

The SIM sniffer includes following HW parts:

  • Mobile phone Nokia 208 (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz, modified for SIM communication purposes)
  • Custom sniffing board
  • Power adaptor (12V DC, min 1A), or original Nokia 208 power adaptor (micro USB 5V DC, min. 500mA)
  • RS232 to USB reduction cable (FTDI drivers)
  • Power adapter for Nokia phone (micro USB 5V, min. 500mA)


  • FTDI drivers for RS232 to USB cable
  • SW for sniffing SIM card - Mobile phone communication


Step by step guide:

  • Prepare camera on your personal mobile phone to record all actions which you make on the mobile phone with the SIM sniffer tool
  • Connect RS232 to USB convertor to your PC
  • Install required drivers (if needed; Windows 7/8 install them automatically)
  • Switch off the mobile phone
  • Insert SIM card to the custom sniffing board
  • Connect power adaptor (12V/1A or 5V/0.5A via micro USB) to sniffing board (RED led will turn on)
  • Run SIM sniffing tool
  • In config window set-up following parameters:
    • Serial port : COM port of connected USB-RS232 cable
    • SIM clock: 3,25MHz
    • Init baud rate on break - deactivated
  • Click on the terminal window
  • In init screen you will see name of LOG file where will be saved communication between SIM and mobile phone (M1sim-xxx.log)
  • Power on the mobile phone by holding pwr button several seconds
  • Close sniffing tool and then power off the mobile phone
  • Send created log to us with full description about SIM card and steps which you did on mobile phone (captured video will be helpful) 



  • Do not open the mobile phone cover!
  • Do not insert the SIM card directly to the mobile phone!
  • Use attached RS232 to USB convertor only!
  • Recharge the mobile phone when needed.



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